Organizational Jazz

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Organizational Jazz

Extraordinary Performance
Extraordinary Leadership

by David Napoli, Alma M. Whiteley and Kathrine S. Johansen
ISBN 978-0-9757710-6-8 xii + 252 pages softcover Available October 2005

“Organizational Jazz concerns extraordinary performance in the workplace through extraordinary leadership - an issue for every business in today's economic climate - we thoroughly recommend that you take a look.”

- Walker Wayland Chartered Accountants - Mt Pleasant WA

Myths that we operate in certain and predictable worlds, and that mankind can control its environment, do not help us to build productive, satisfying and sustainable organizations.

Constant, rapid and unpredictable changes, both internal and external, are challenging the time-honoured business models we are taught to follow - as we strive to manage our complex, evolving organizations.

Drawing on the science of complex adaptive systems, this book offers a lens through which we search for new ways of thinking about, and working with, the unpredictability of our dynamic complex world.

Organizations of today need 'Extraordinary Leaders' who can 'dance' with change by embracing the principles of complexity science to create highly adaptable and innovative organizations that recognise the value of intangible assets.

The success of an organization usually depends on those working closest to the value-adding end of the business. It is those employees and their immediate leaders, who seem to have the greatest impact on the success of an organization. Managers-as-leaders can ease the way for those who depend on them for support and encouragement. This exceptional book provides structure, applications, workshops and tips:


  • The Dance and the Music
  • Mechanistic Management
  • Transformational Edge
  • Extraordinary Leadership: Performance
  • Extraordinary Leadership: Vision & Values

Australian Case Studies

Case Analyses

  • Complex Adaptive Systems at DBCT
  • Minerals International
  • BHP Whyalla Rolling Mills
  • The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Placing people at the centre of the organization, Organizational Jazz shows how and why complex adaptive systems work to create wealth and dignity - creating a work environment for innovation and performance by joining the certain with the uncertain.

'Jazz' as a metaphor, conjures stability in the tune and uncertainty in its improvisation. Here we blend theory and practical examples from organizations that have gone beyond limited expectations - by creating environments for innovation and productivity where people work with dignity in the creation of wealth for all.

Organizational Jazz

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Organizational Jazz

Extraordinary Performance through Extraordinary Leadership

by David Napoli, Alma M. Whiteley and Kathrine S. Johansen
ISBN 0-9757710-6-X
xii + 252 pages softcover, Available October 2005

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